25 Sep 2017

Why join a club?

Starting uni can be hard, clubs and societies are an instant way to make new friends, pick up new skills and gain real world experience.
We asked five students how joining a club or society improved their uni experience.

Brea (22, Engineering student, President of the Chemical Engineering society- NUChES)
“I met a lot of people in my degree through NUChES events, especially people in the years above me, who helped mentor me for the role as president. Through events I became friends with other chemical engineering studnets.”

James, (21, IT/Business student, member of the UON Comedy Club)
“I initially joined the Comedy Club to support a mate, but their shows have been great. It’s integrated me into a group of people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met and has helped me establish a good balance between studies and social events.”

Hannah, (25, Business student, President of the UON Liberal Club)
“Since becoming president of the Liberal Club three years ago I have enjoyed many parts of the role, such as helping to develop and grow the capacities of other executive members, solving problems the Club may face, creating a team culture amongst members, protecting the brand and learning some incredibly useful skills – and all for something I’m passionate about.”

Shaun, (22, Law/Arts student, member of the Law Students Association- UNLSA)
“I’ve been a member of the Law Students Association for almost five years. Events like the Law Ball have been great and have helped me grow my social circle, contacts as well as make lifelong friends. I’d definitely recommend joining a club or society.”

Ebony (28, PhD student, member of the Mountaineering Club- NUMC)
“Joining the Mountaineering Club has helped find like-minded people to go on adventures with. It’s great being involved in a group that exposes you to opportunities you wouldn’t normally have access to, like outdoor climbing and caving.”

To find friends with similar interests and expand your horizons search the full list of clubs and societies here and get involved!