23 Nov 2016

Succession Planning

Why does our club or society need to have a succession plan?

Do you want to ensure that your club or society consistently operates smoothly? A succession plan will help you with this. Succession Planning is a process that is used to identify and assist in the development of future leaders within a student club or society. It supports the transition of members into leadership positions as current leaders leave the club or society. The plan also outlines past experiences and events as well as achievable goals guided by measurable milestones.

Succession Planning is deemed to be an essential part of a club or society, as a leader’s time in their position can vary from year to year.

There are many benefits of implementing a succession plan, further emphasising their importance. These benefits can include:

  • The alignment between the club or society’s vision and the behaviours of members further demonstrate the understanding of strategic plans and goals
  • The club or society’s reputation is positively maintained, as the succession plan outlines goals and expectations
  • It can be used as a supporting material within the leaders role
  • Disasters can be avoided, as a plan is in place
  • All members of the club or society have the opportunity to have a voice, providing opportunities to express particular concerns
  • A succession plan can provide a ‘big picture’ for the club or society
  • A succession plan can be a support system and allow in the development of relationships through regular communication, strengthening the club or society’s culture.

The development of a succession plan ensures that the tasks and activities performed are sustained beyond the duration of the individual/s currently responsible for them and allows for a successful future for the club or society.