27 Oct 2017

How to Balance Responsibilities

Uni, work, social life, club life – how can you balance all these responsibilities? If you’re thinking about getting involved with a club or committee, you may need to consider if you’re going to have enough time to fulfill your role. Here are our 4 top tips to managing a balanced club life.

1. Lean time-management
Being organised is a big part of being involved with a club or society. Plan out your week ahead – let other members know about your time pressures and give them warning in advance. The more upfront you are with members, the more understanding your organisation will be.


2. Communication is key
Leave the stress and guilt behind by giving committee members a heads up about your schedule. If you’re working a full weekend let others know that you won’t be able to attend a meeting. Committing to something, when you know that your diary is a disaster that week isn’t going to help anyone. You’ll feel stressed, guilty and the other committee members may feel let down.

3. Work together
Collaboration is important in making your experience with the club or society a positive one. You could establish connections with other members and help each other out with completing actions. As the saying goes, many hands make light work.


4. Know when to say no
It’s ok to refuse that extra shift at work or say no to a volunteering opportunity. It’s important to know your limits. Taking on too much responsibility can lead to stress and anxiety.
If you ever feel like things are becoming overwhelming, our UON counselling services are available. Find out more info here.