About Us

Generation Governance is an online resource for leaders of student clubs, societies and organisations. We offer tips and tools for running a successful student organisation and a free online governance course.

Our Student Governance Essentials course is aimed at students who:

  • Are thinking about nominating for an Executive Committee role with a student club or society
  • Are thinking about nominating to be a student representative member of a University committee, such as a Faculty Board
  • Have just joined an Executive Committee and need to quickly get ‘on board’ about what is expected of them
  • Have been on a committee for a while but want to ‘refresh’ their understanding of governance.

Having said that, the information contained within this course is equally useful to anyone in the community thinking about taking on a committee role, such as with a local sports club or a school’s PnC. While the examples given in the course relate to the student experience, the learnings are universal.

 Do the course and you’ll develop an understanding of basic governance issues and activities including:

  • The key documents, rules and processes that make up an organisation’s governance framework
  • The Executive Committee’s roles and responsibilities
  • The characteristics and behaviours of effective committees
  • The importance of sound financial and risk management, even in small clubs or societies

Understanding these principles will help you to:

  • Quickly integrate onto a committee, leaving more time to concentrate on the interesting and fun things your organisation does
  • Develop your people skills to become an effective decision-making participant
  • Develop organisational skills that are indispensable to being a valued team member in your future career and life beyond uni.


Learning the principles of good governance will give you a head start on developing an invaluable skill set that you can adapt to several situations in life. Totally worth it.

Rowena Grant, Clubs and Societies Officer, UON

The course material in Generation Governance can help to formulate a ‘to-do’ list of tasks for your society. It will leave you with a feeling for the general structure of a society, the AGM process, considerations for an executive, the position of a society within the university and what your support networks are. All of this knowledge is useful for any leadership role you may encounter.

Tim Lang, Newcastle University Psychology Society

Learning about Good Governance takes away the anxiety around your responsibilities and allows you to enjoy the activities that first attracted you to get involved.

Grant Morgan, Newcastle University Postgraduates Society